Computer Science, and Electrical and Computer Engineering Researchers

Computer Science, and Electrical and Computer Engineering

NMSU faculty and researchers in this area are involved in a broad range of research in power, optical, communication, and control systems; computer networks; software engineering; and artificial intelligence.  In 2011, NMSU had more than $11 million in funding from more than 25 sponsors.

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Department of Computer Science
  • Huiping Cao, Databases, data mining
  • Jonathan Cook, Software engineering
  • Yuho Jin, Computer architecture: on-chip interconnection networks, multicore architecture, memory systems, parallel computing, energy-efficient design
  • Satyajayant Misra, Computer networks, wireless networks, sensor networks, social networks
  • Inna Pivkina, Computer science education, data mining, AI: knowledge representation and reasoning, logic and constraint programming
  • Enrico Pontelli, Parallel computing, bioinformatics, computer science education, artificial intelligence (AI): assistive technologies, knowledge representation and reasoning, logic and constraint programming, autonomous agents, web agents, robotics, control theory, reasoning about actions and changes, planning, scheduling
  • Joe Song, Bioinformatics, computer vision & image processing, statistical computing, data mining
  • Zachary Toups, Gameplay through which participants practice real-life skills, with an emphasis on disaster-response contexts and team coordination, ethnographic approaches to understanding existing practice; zero-fidelity simulations that capture abstract, human-centered aspects of practice; mixed reality computing that engages players in human-human, human-environment, and human-computer interaction; and mobile, collaborative technologies that support sensemaking in disaster.
  • Son Tran, Artificial intelligence: reasoning about actions and changes, planning, scheduling, autonomous agents, web agents, robotics, control theory, knowledge representation and reasoning, logic programming
  • William Yeoh, Multi-agent systems, distributed constraint reasoning, heuristic search, and planning with uncertainty
  • Mai Zheng, Storage systems, parallel and distributed systems, operating systems, reliability and high-performance computing
  • Wen Xu, Knowledge discovery and data mining in social networks
Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Charles Boehmer, Satellite design and systems engineering
  • Paul M. Furth, Analog and mixed-signal VLSI, CMOS image sensors and power management circuits
  • Hong Huang, Wireless networks, sensor networks and optical networks
  • Krist A. Petersen, Computers
  • Jaime Ramirez-Angulo, Design and test of high performance and low voltage analog and mixed signal VLSI Systems
  • Steven J. Stochaj, Particle astrophysics and computer performance
  • Wei Tang, Analog, mixed signal and RF Integrated circuits and systems for biomedical applications, wireless sensor and communication systems
  • Deva K. Borah, Digital communications, RF and optical wireless communications, detection and estimation techniques
  • Laura Boucheron, Signal and image processing, pattern classification, applications of signal and image processing, medical image analysis, bioinformatics
  • Charles D. Creusere,Distributed audio and video coding, polarimetric image processing, audio quality analysis
  • Phillip De Leon, Speech processing, pattern classification/machine learning, Embedded systems
  • Robert Paz, Robust control design, robotics and reduced gravity simulation
  • Satishkumar J. Ranade, Power system modeling and control, power electronics applications, renewable energy and microgrids
  • Sang-Yeon Cho, Photonic microcavities, surface plasmon polaritons, photonic sensors, optoelectronics and nanophotonics
  • Muhammad Dawood, UWB Radar/SAR systems, phased array antennas, and advanced signal processing techniques for radar/SAR data
  • Kwong T. Ng, Bioelectromagnetics, biomedical computing and electromagnetic source imaging
  • David Voelz, Spectral/polarization sensing, laser communication and sensing systems

<Computer Science, and Electrical and Computer Engineering