Research News 2010

NMSU Research News – 2010

NMSU Research News is a periodic newsletter from the Office of the Vice President for Research.

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October 2010October 2010

  • Winners of the 2010 URC Research and Creative Activities Fair
  • WRRI and statewide water research
  • Research on protein structure prediction receives best paper award at international conference
  • Spatial distribution of livestock on rangelands: a project Involving a network of study sites on two continents
  • Funding boosts NMSU efforts in examining the resilience of New Mexico communities facing climate change
  • The Professor of Secrets, NMSU history professor publishes book on Renaissance dcience
  • NMSU graduate accepts faculty position at Oklahoma State University
  • Scaling Up Mathematics Achievement grant
  • NSF workshops for NMSU faculty and researchers


August 2010August 2010

  • NMSU delegation participates in 2010 International Conference on Biomass and Energy Technologies in China
  • NMSU’s Core University Research Lab supports regional collaborative research and exploration
  • NMSU faculty member aims to improve flow cytometry techniques
  • NMSU librarian documents violence and murder in Mexico
  • SWAT lab passes biannual accreditation audit
  • Geological research in Alaska helps understand plate tectonics processes
  • NMSU student spends summer in Africa helping to improve irrigation practices


June 2010June 2010

  • Winners of the 2010 University Research Council awards
  • NMSU faculty member’s ARRA-funded research on grass-shrub responses to climate change in the chihuahuan desert
  • Energy technologies: from atoms to applications
  • Multidisciplinary project aims to develop low-cost malaria diagnostic
  • Tool using extraordinary optical transmission through nanoholes
  • Research at NMSU helps understand disease-transmitting mosquito biology
  • Enhancing defense applications using sensor networks
  • Doña Ana assistant professor’s study aims to help increase the number of biology majors
  • Book: Terrorizing Women: Feminicide in the Americas
  • Linguistics professor publishes findings on Spanish-Portuguese language contact


April 2010April 2010

  • NMSU’s millionaire researchers honored
  • Impacts of ARRA funds on NMSU and New Mexico
  • New Mexico selected by NASA for 2010 Summer of Innovation
  • Airborne weather sensor flies on NMSU’s unmanned aircraft 
  • Mick O’Neill, associate professor of agronomy, recipient of Jose Fernandez Memorial Chair award
  • Meet Gloricelys Rivera: NMSU’s biology Ph.D. candidate from San Juan, Puerto Rico


February 2010February 2010

  • NMSU researchers part of $44 million consortium for biofuels research
  • Developing an irrigation master plan for Rwanda: NMSU researcher helps improve farming in Africa
  • NMSU faculty member awarded $1.68 Million NSF grant to develop reduced gravity simulation technology for astronaut training and biomechanics research
  • NMSU researchers secure $11.5 million of stimulus funds to support their projects
  • Associate professor of history awarded fellowship with Harvard
  • The Mercy Papers: NMSU department of english faculty member receives recognition for her book
  • What caused the American civil war?


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