Research News 2007

NMSU Research News – 2007

NMSU Research News is a periodic newsletter from the Office of the Vice President for Research.

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December 2007December 2007

  • Shrinking water supplies in the future call for planning today
  • Single multicultural planet seeks environmentally-responsible population
  • The role of frontal pole in controlled retrieval from memory
  • NMSU awarded grant from the Strategic Studies Institute of U. S. Army War College
  • NMSU to lead math reform research
  • Evaluation of sampling designs and analysis of data collected by the Greater Yellowstone Network Vital Signs
  • My Country is Alive, an oral history with Marge Jackson, First Nations elder
  • Manes ‘N Tales: studying the effects of equine assisted therapies on human behavior
  • NMSU’s D. C. federal relations firm to hold workshop
  • NMSU chemistry and biochemistry professor recipient of Distinguished Undergraduate Institution Mentor Award


October 2007October 2007

  • Vancomycin resistant golden staph in Las Cruces
  • Enhancing learning via primary historical texts in mathematics and computer science
  • IRG recipients present progress reports
  • NRI funding for NMSU’s cropping system
  • NMSU faculty advance decision support analysis for water policy
  • NMSU funded to expand cancer health disparities program
  • Serendipitous backyard hybridization and origins of crops
  • A nexus of research, teaching, & distance learning outreach
  • Global warming: fishery department asst. professor attends Oxford round table
  • Math professor invites speakers to meeting of AMS in Albuquerque


August 2007August 2007

  • NMSU water policy research
  • Research on HIV/AIDS in Brazil
  • Message from the VP for Research, Graduate Studies, & International Programs
  • Big Read comes to Las Cruces
  • NMSU graduate student selected for scholarship to National Biomedical Computation Resource
  • Twelve new Undergraduate Research Initiative Grant recipient
  • Wayne F. Placek research award
  • William Eamon presents research at conferences in Spain
  • Graduate student grants in geological sciences
  • Book: Foul language in Renaissance Italy
  • Supporting the coalition forces


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