URC Fair 2013

Thirteenth Annual URC Research and Creative Activities Fair

(October 4, 2013)  NMSU’s 2012 University Research Council (URC) Fair was held on October 4 in conjunction with the New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation (New Mexico AMP)‘s annual statewide student research conference.  The URC fair showcased 44 research projects in various areas including agriculture, alternative energy, astronomy, biology, border issues, health, and water.  After reviewing the project posters and evaluating them for scientific merit, content, organization and the presenters, the URC fair judges selected the four posters below as the winners of this year’s fair.

  • First place (tie): Infection Dynamics of Sylvatic Dengue Virus in a Reservoir Host Species
    K. Hanley, T. Kautz, M. Brown, S. Whitehead, S. Weaver, N. Vasiakis, and P. Marx (below left)
  • First place (tie):  Striving to be Tobacco Free
    S. Wilson, C. Kratzke, C. Spurny, M. Wilson and C. Luna (below right)

First Place Poster First Place Poster

  • Third place: Minimum Lab PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
    K. Doolittle and D. Schoep (below left)
  • Fourth place:  Beet Armyworm, Spodoptera exigua, and Cotton Bollworm, Heliocoverpa zea, Development on Glandless Cotton
    J. Pierce, P. Monk, A. Garnett, O.J. Idowu, R.P. Flynn and C. Vasquez (below right)

Third Place Poster Fourth Place Poster

Posters and Participants

  • The Utility of Lipid Extracted Algae as a Protein Source in Forage of Starch-based Ruminant Diets
    S.L. Lodge-Ivey, L.N. Tracey, A. Salazar, C. Loest, E. Scholljegerdes
  • DNA-PKcs Modulates the Cellular Replication Stress Response
    A. Ashley, K.A. Troksa, C.L. Amerin, P. Le, B. Sishc, S.M. Bailey, M. Shrivastav, J.A. Nickoloff
  • Case Study: Arrival Bovine Respiratory Titers and Subsequent Morbidity and Performance of Newly Received Cattle from New Mexico Ranches and South Texas Livestock Auctions
    E. Scholljegerdes, M. Hubbert
  • Bugs in the City: A New Urban Entomology Program
    A. Romero, I. Hansen, B. Blakely, D.Price, C.Rodriguez, A. Sechler, B. Sanchez
  • Stable Isotope Probing for Identifying Organisms Involved in Biodegradation
    G. Sims
  • Single Laboratory Validation of the BAX qPCR Vibrio Assay for Identification of Vibrio Isolates
    W. Fedio, J. Jones, R. Zapata,  P. Browning,  R. Pamboukian, A. DePaola
  • Assessment of Lateral Flow Devices for Detection of  E. coli O157:H7 in Raw Milk and Produce
    W. Fedio, R. Zapata, P. Browning, K. Yoshitomi, K. Jinneman, L. White, S. Weagant, R. Pamboukian
  • New Mexico-Preparing Autism Spectrum Specialists
    K. Cronin
  • Beet Armyworm, Spodoptera exigua, and Cotton Bollworm, Heliocoverpa zea, Development on Glandless Cotton
    J. Pierce, P. Monk, A. Garnett, O.J. Idowu, R.P. Flynn, C. Vasquez
  • New Swainsonine Producing Undifilum Species from Astragalus Locoweeds
    D. Baucom, R. Creamer, D. Grum, D. Cook
  • Growing Turfgrass When Water is Scarce
    B. Leinauer, URC Distinguished Career Award Recipient, Matteo Serena, E. Sevostianova, G. Alvarez, F. Rimi
  • Modeling Rangeland Soil Erosion with High-Resolution Aerial Photogrammetry
    J. Gillan, J. Karl, A. Elaksher, M. Duniway, N. Barger
  • Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethics
    G.A. Rosile, D. Pepion, D. Boje, J. Gladstone
  • Cover Crops for Sustainable Cropping Systems in the Desert Southwest
    N. Al-Ibraheemi, K. Grover, J. Idowu, M. Omer
  • Preliminary Study of Green Manure Legumes Suitable for the Southwest
    M. F. Omer, O. J. Idowu, K. Grover, N. Al-Ibraheemi
  • Characterization of Persistent Volatile Contaminant Sources in the Vadose Zone
    K.Carroll, M. J. Truex, M.L. Brusseau
  • Guar: A Potential Crop in New Mexico
    K. Grover, S. Singla, S. Angadi, O. Holguin, K. Carroll
  • Physiology of Greenhouse Drip Irrigated Chile Under Variable Water Stress
    H. Sharma, M. K. Shukla
  • Assessing a Walk-through Inflatable Colon as an Effective Tool for Colorectal Cancer Prevention Education
    J. Sanchez, R Palacios, M. O’Connell
  • Spring Safflower: Contribution of Root Water Extraction to its Drought Tolerance under Semi-Arid Environment
    S. Singh, K. Grover, S.B. Begna, S.V. Angadi
  • Participatory Action Research to Identify Native American Student Cultural Sources of Strength that Reinforce Persistence in Higher Education
    D. Pepion, L. Grayshield, D. Lopez, A. Catalano, K. Koerschner, A. Mihecoby, K. Quam, M. Blaine, J. Vela
  • Optical Ground-Based Spectra of Jupiter and Saturn: An Exploration of Giant Planet Chromophores
    N. Chanover, A. Simon-Miller, R. Hudson, M. Loeffler
  • Apache Point Observatory: Solving Mysteries in the Universe Since 1991
    Alaina Bradley
  • Vibrational and Electronic Structure of Spinel (MgA1204) Determined Using FTIR and VUV Ellipsometry
    S. Zollner, C. Zollner, T. Willett-Gies
  • Infection Dynamics of Sylvatic Dengue Virus in a Reservoir Host Species
    K. Hanley, T. Kautz, M. Brown, S. Whitehead, S.Weaver, N. Vasilakis, P. Marx
  • The Disease Vector Molecular Biology Laboratory
    I. Hanson
  • Transcriptomic Approach to Identifying an Orphan’s Home
    A. Rowland, T. Madanayake, N. Devitt, I. Lindquist, J. Mudge
  • Development of Re/Tc Chelates for Diagnostic Imaging Target GPER/GPR30 Expression in Cancer
    R. Chinnasamy, R. Burai, T. Nayak, M. Dennis, B. Bryant, E. Prossnitz, J. Arterburn
  • Interpreting Iranian Leaders’ Conflict Framing by Combining Latent Semantic Analysis and Pragmatist Storytelling Theory
    V. Nisbett, K. Hacker, D. Boje, A. Abdelali, N. Henry
  • Virulence of Southern Root-Knot Nematode from Various Inoculum Sources—S. Johnson, J. Beacham, S. Thomas, J. Schroeder, L. Murray, N. Schmidt
  • Computing Effective Bond Orders in Periodic Materials
    T. Manz
  • Polymer Absorbents in Gas Storage and Separation
    J. Wang, S. Deng
  • Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Hybrid CoxNi1-x(OH)2 Nanosheets: Tuning the Composition for High Performance Supercapacitor
    G. Chen, S. Liaw, H. Luo
  • Reduced Grapheme Oxide Wrapped FeS Nanocomposite for Lithium-ion Battery Anode with Improved Performance
    L. Fei, H. Luo
  • Stability and Bifurcation Analysis of Rigid Spacecraft Spin Stabilization Using Delayed Feedback Control
    M. Nazari, E. Butcher
  • Delayed Feedback Attitude Stabilization of Rigid Body Motion on SO(3) via Liapunov-Krasovskii Functionals
    E. Samiel, M. Izadi, E. Butcher, A. Sanyal
  • Research on Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation and Controls
    A. Sanyal, S. Prabhakaran V., J. Bohn, M. Izadi
  • Minimum Lab PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
    K. Doolittle, D. Schoep
  • Scalable Wind and Hydropower Energy Recovery (SWHyPER) Systems
    N. Prasad, S. Ranade, N. Huu Phuc, J. Gonzales, Y. Madadi, M. Miller, A. Nadella, J. Padilla-Franco, S. Reddy, B. Singh
  • Exploring the Alchemy of Salience: the Role of Media in Sustained Advocacy Strategies for Policy-Driven Change
    C. Kozel, A. Hubbell, F. Perez, L. Valentino
  • The Proof is in Their Words: The Use of Journaling Simulation
    L. Summers, C. DeBlieck, A. Reinhardt
  • Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Academic Achievement at NMSU
    A. Gallivan, S. Forster-Cox, S. Wilson
  • Striving to be Tobacco Free
    S. Wilson, C. Kratzke, C. Spurny, M. Wilson, C. Luna
  • A Sense of Belonging: Community College Students at a Four-year Institution
    H. Williams Pichon