URC Fair 2010

Tenth Annual URC Research and Creative Activities Fair

(October 1, 2010)  This year’s URC Research and Creative Activities Fair was held with participants presenting 53 projects in astronomy, aviation, education, energy, engineering, health, and natural resources. President Couture and Honorable Pete Campos, New Mexico senator and president of Luna Community College were among visitors of the fair. The URC members reviewed all the project posters and evaluated them for their scientific merit, content, organization, and the presenters. interaction with the visitors. In the end three projects won this year’s awards as follows:

  • Ram Prasad1st place: Natural Energy Harvesting, A Physics-based Art Form, by Dr. Nadipuram Prasad
    Dr. Nadipuram (Ram) R. Prasad is a tenured full-time associate professor in the Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at New Mexico State University. He is the Director of the Rio Grande Institute for Soft Computing (RioSoft), a consortium of universities in New Mexico and the University of Texas at El Paso, and RioRoboLab a NASA-Ames funded advanced robotics laboratory. Dr. Prasad’s interest in energy harvesting has spanned more than two decades, spurred on by his involvement with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in developing lifesupport systems for astronauts in harsh planetary environments. Dr. Prasad’s research interests focus on the design and development of autonomous systems that incorporate artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, and evolutionary computation. Dr. Prasad has authored and co-authored more than 100 publications in journals and conference proceedings, and is the co-author of two widely referenced books on fuzzy and neural control.
  • Tim Ross2nd place: Effects of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin on Serum Progesterone Concentrations, Embryonic Survival, and Lambing Rates in Ewes by Dr. Tim Ross
    Dr. Ross joined Animal and Range Sciences in 1982 as an assistant professor, and is now interim department head. His primary research area is sheep reproduction, but he has conducted research in plant toxicity in livestock and prevalence of E. coli 0157:H7 and Salmonella in dairy cattle. He teaches the introductory animal science course, sheep and wool production, and environmental physiology of domestic animals. Dr. Ross also coached the NMSU collegiate Wool Judging Team for several years. He is an academic advisor for undergraduates and advisor to the Pre -Vet Club for over 15 years. He has advised or co-advised 12 doctoral and 25 master’s degree students and coauthored more than 200 publications, including conference proceedings, abstracts, briefs, bulletins, and 35 as refereed journal articles. Dr. Ross has received several teaching awards, served as president of the Western Section, American Society of Animal Science and was named the Distinguished Graduate of Animal Science from the University of Arkansas in 2006. He holds a Ph.D. in Reproductive Physiology from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • 3rd place: Socio-cultural Factors and Falls Risk Factors among Independent-Living Older Adults by Dr. Robert Wood
    Dr. Wood is the head of NMSU’s Department of Human Performance, Dance, and Recreation. He earned his Ph.D. in Kinesiology from Louisianan State University, in Baton Rouge (1996) and joined NMSU in 2009. Formerly, he was a faculty member in the Department of Physical Therapy at Husson University, in Bangor, Maine. Dr. Wood’s research interests relate primarily to aging, physical function, and disability. In addition, he has a particular interest in the aging of the autonomic nervous system and its relationship to functional decline in late life. His research has been supported by a number of federal agencies and private foundations including the National Institute on Aging and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Posters and Participants
  • Developing the STEM Professionals of Tomorrow within a Profoundly Underserved New Mexico Population
    Nicole Vogt
  • The Explosive Sun R.T.
    James McAteer
  • Oscillations of the Sun and Stars
    Jason Jackiewicz
  • On-Line UAV Dynamics Model Parameter Estimation
    Khaled Hatamleh
  • An AOTF-LDTOF Spectrometer Suite for In Situ Organic Detection and Characterization
    Nancy Chanover
  • Autopilot Integration & Test
    Pu Xie
  • Study on a Passive Reduced-Gravity Simulator
    Ken Ruble, Qi Lu
  • Validation of a New Friction Model
    Steven Fillmore
  • Quantitative Characterization of Microstructures and Cross-Property Connections
    Igor Sevostianov
  • Identification of Barycentric Parameters of a Human Body Using a Momentum-Based Approach
    Qi Lu
  • Modeling LIDAR Scene Sparsity Using Compressive Sensing
    Chuck Creusere
  • Natural Energy Harvesting
    Nadipuram (Ram) Prasad
  • ll-Sky Camera Meteor Network
    David Voelz, URC Distinguished Career
  • Supperresolution Technique for UWB Doppler Radar
    Nafish Quraishi
  • Experimental Dynamical Evolution of Brillouin Precursors Through Leafy Vegetation
    Luis Medina
  • Optimization of Microwave-assisted Transesterification of Dry Algal Biomass using response Surface Methodology
    Prafulla Patil
  • Ku Band Directional Scanning Antenna Arrays
    Michael Abravanel
  • Experimental characterization of Brillouin Precursors through Loamy Soil at Microwave Frequencies
    Muhammad Dawood, H.U.R. Mohammed
  • Design of a Radar Codes for Reduced Sidelobes and Spectrally Clean Out-or-Band Emissions using an Extended Optimal Filtering Approach
    A.V. Alejos, Muhammad Daw
  • Frequency Compensation Using Current Buffers for Low-Dropout (LDO)Voltage Regulators
    Paul Furth
  • Securing Speaker Verification against Impostors using Synthetic Speech
    Phillip DeLeon, URC Chair
  • Modeling of Metal Interactions with Geologic Materials from the Mojave Desert
    Lambis Papelis
  • Direct Growth of Graphene Films on TEM Nickel Grids Using Benzene as Precursor
    Gui-Ping Dai
  • Kinetic Separation of CO2 and CH4 in a Copper-Base MOF
    Zongbi Bao
  • Desalination Tool: An Online Approach
    Devikaa Rajaraman
  • Ranking Research Productivity
    Michael Young
  • Do Motivational Tendencies Predict Risky Health Behaviors in Hispanic College Students?
    Rebecca Palacios
  • Student-Faculty Trust and its Relationship with Student Success in Pre-Licensure BSN Nursing Education
    John Scarbrough
  • Effects of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Team on Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections
    Evangelina Ramirez
  • NMSU School of Nursing and Doña Ana Community College First Annual Simulation Institute
    Conni DeBlieck
  • Self-Controlled Amount of Practice Benefits Motor Learning
    Phillip Post
  • Behind the Chutes: Bareback, Burst Fracture and Back
    Mikaela Boham
  • Socio-cultural Factors and Falls Risk Factors among Independent-Living Older Adults
    Robert Wood
  • Effect of Weighted Jump Warm-up on Vertical Jump in Division II Male Basketball Players
    Joseph M. Berning
  • Use of Simulation in Nursing Education: IV Insertion Simulation Technology Study
    Anita Reinhardt
  • The Expression Profile of Ovine Chemokine Receptor 4 (CXCR4) and its Ligand, CXCL12, in Endometrium and Conceptus During Early Pregnancy: Implications in Implantation and Placentation
    Ryan Ashley
  • Calf Age Influences Rumen Bacterial Populations
    Shanna Ivey
  • Effects of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin on Serum Progesterone Concentrations, Embryonic Survival, and Lambing Rates in Ewes
    Tim Ross
  • Effect of Winter Supplementation Strategy on Body Weight and Condition Changes
    Flint Harrelson
  • Serum Concentrations of Ghrelin, IGF-I, and Prolactin in Rambouillet Lambs During the Preweaning Period
    Dennis Hallford, URC Distinguished Career
  • Screening of Onion Plant Introduction Accessions for Iris yellow Spot Disease Severity
    Chris Cramer
  • Fermentation Characteristics of Forage Sorghum-Lablab Silage Mixtures
    Francisco Contreras-Govea
  • Scalping Effect on Spring Green up of Bermudagrass and Seashore Paspalum
    Serena Matteo
  • The Effect of Calcium Chloride on the Microbiological Characteristics of Fermented Chile Pepper (Capsicum annuum cv. Mesilla Cayenne) Mash
    Jorge Beall
  • Effectiveness of Relationship Education with Single, Cohabitating, and Married Parents in New Mexico Marcel Montanez
    Lisa Shields
  • The Significance of Melanization in Defense Against Plasmodium Yoelii in Anopheles Gambiae
    Phanidhar Kukutla
  • Mosquito Gut Microbiome and Malaria Competence Mosquito Anopheles Gambiae is a Major Malaria Vector
    John Xu
  • Is Homo Rudolfensis Distinct from Homo Habilis?
    Rutger Jansma
  • The Implications of Lithic Reduction Sequences On The Evolution of the Frontal Cortex
    Allison Tripp
  • Why do so Many Consumer Health Interventions Appear to be Ineffective? Possible Solutions from Modified Grocery Carts and Intervention Segmentation
    Collin Payne, URC Early Career
  • The Impact of Bilingual and ESL programs on Academic Achievement
    Noelia Paez
  • Innovated Supplemental Instruction Approach for Engineers at the Pre-calculus Level
    Delia Valles
  • A Morphological Filter to Distingish between Fault and Capacitor Switching
    Sukumar Brahma