URC Fair 2009

Ninth Annual URC Research and Creative Activities Fair – 2009

Posters and Participants
  • Analysis of Calorimeter Data for Determination of Particle Identity and Energy
    Steven Bannister, Steven Stochaj, Charles Cosse, Laura E. Boucher
  • Low-SNR Speech Enhancement Using Gaussian Mixture Models
    Phillip DeLeon, Laura E. Boucheron
  • The NMSU-NASA/MSFC Coordinated Campaign to Observe the LCROSS Impact on the Moon
    C. Miller, R. Hamilton, J. Coughlin, E. Klimek, C. Wu, E. Ramesha, R. McMillian, R.M. Suggs, R.J. Suggs, Nancy Chanover
  • Sidelobe level.An Essential Study in Range Resolution Radar
    Ana Vazquez Alejos, Habeeb Ur Rahman Mohammed, Dawood Muhammaed
  • Sidelobe Comparison of Golay and PRBS Codes for Subsurface Radar Applications
    Abhilash, Dawood Muhammaed
  • Ku-band Planar Phased Array Antenna Using Rotman Lens
    Sajid Mohammed, Michael Abravenal, Dawood Muhammaed
  • Assessing Information Processing in the Two Pathways of the Human Visual System
    Steven Holloway, Michael McBeath, Igor Dolgov
  • Leptin Modulates CD4+ T Helper Cell Function and Differentiation
    Kalpesh Patel, Dennis Taub, Ferdinand Rivera
  • Speaker Identification in Room Reverberation using GMM-UBM
    Akula, Phillip DeLeon, Vijendra Raj Apsingeka
  • Research Resources for Microscopic Imaging at NMSU
    Peter Cooke
  • U54 Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research
    Helena Loest
  • Development of Excited-State Dependent Cytometric Sorting and Analysis
    M. Naivar, J.P. Freyer, Jessica P. Pera Houston
  • Microwave-Assisted Catalytic Transesterification of Camelina Sativa Oil
    Veera Gnaneswar Gude
  • Thermodynamic Parameters Associated with Eu (III) Binding to Datura innoxia Plant Tissues
    Gary Rayson
  • An. Gambiae Larval Antimicrobial Responses upon Exposure to A Subleathal Dose of Bacillus Sphaericus
    Jiannong Xu
  • Effects of Fatigue on Ground Reaction Forces during Land and Cut Tasks in Female Athletes
    Chad Harris, FACSM, Ron Pfeiffer, Mark Debeliso, Seth Kuhlman, Mikaela Boham
  • Assessing the Digestibility of One-Seed Juniper in Sheep
    Laura Dowdy, Shanna L. Lodge-Ivey, M.K. Petersen, Christine A. Roof
  • Variability of Physical and Chemical Properties of West Mesa Soils Irrigated by Industrial Effluent
    M.K. Shukla, J. Mexal, Pradip Adhikari
  • Investigation of Milling Stability using the Chebyshev Collocation Method
    Oleg Bobrenkov, Eric Butcher
  • Coupled Liquid Water, Water Vapor, and Heat Transport in An Unsaturated Zone of A Sandy Loam Onion Field
    Parmodh Sharma, Manoj K. Shukla, John H. Mexal, Deb Sanjit
  • Physiological And Yield Responses of Field-Grown Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) to Water Deficit
    Nina Klypina, Ian M. Ray, Tracy M. Sterling, Janakiraman Maruthavanan
  • Improving Irrigation Management for a Vineyard in Deming, New Mexico
    Bernd Maier, A. Salim Bawazir, Zachary Libbin
  • Impact of Alfalfa on Biological Control of Insect Pests in New Mexico
    Jane Breen Pierce
  • A Systems Dynamics Approach to Modeling and Algal Biofuel Industry; A Techno-Economic Model
    Luz-Elena Mimbela, Meghan Starbuck
  • Exploring Linkages between Socio-Economic & Ecological Processes in Rangeland Landscapes
    Rhonda Skaggs
  • Improving Economic Returns and Long-Run Sustainability in a Rapidly Growing, Peri-Urban, Multicultural, Small-Scale, Traditional Farming Community
    Rhonda Skaggs
  • Effect of Winter Supplementation Strategy on Body Weight and Condition Changes
    S.L. Lodge-Ivey, S.H. Cox, R.L. Dunlap II, C.A. Loest, M.K. Petersen, Flint W. Harrelson
  • Evaluation of Distance Sampling Methodology for Monitoring Landbirds in the Greater Yellowstone Area
    Stacey Ostermann-Kelm, Sue Wolff, Cathie Jean, Rob Daley, William Gould
  • Environmental Monitoring of Nuclear Waste Rapository-Advances and the Challenges
    K Ui Chearnaigh, T. Kirchner, J. Monk, D. Baker, S. Ballard, J.L. Conca, Punam Thakur
  • Understanding the Origin of Carbonaceous Aerosol in the Atmospheric Brown Cloud over the Indian Ocean
    Elizabeth Stone
  • Una Mano Amiga, Identifying Cancer Care Needs among Residents in Rural NM
    Carol Moinpour, Nigel Bush, Ethel Saryee, Vilchis Hugo
  • Effectiveness of a Couple Education Program with Unmarried and Married Couples
    Marcel Montanez, Esther Devall
  • Training Community Health Workers for Breast Cancer Prevention: Predictors of Mammography Use Among Community Health Workers
    Cynthia Kratzke
  • Evaluation of the Growing Up Healthy-Growing Up Smart Health Education Program
    Mohammad Hussain, Michael Young
  • Growtopia in the Sunbelt: 50 Years of Land Cover Change in Southwestern New Mexico
    Michaela Buenenmann, Kristen Hestir, John Wright
  • Evaluating Student Groupwork in Distance Education Research
    Sam Schmitt
  • Using the Shapiro-Wilk Statistic to Test for Factorial Effects in Unreplicated Factorial Treatment Structures
    Dennis L. Clason
  • Dying to Stay Alive A Medical Case Study of Rhabdomyolysis in an NMSU student
    Brian S. Beets, Carole A. Carson, Kent J. Adams, Joseph M. Berning
  • Transesterification of Camelina Sativa Oil using Supercritical and Subcritical Methanol with Co-solvent
    Veera Ganeswar Gude, Shuguang Deng, Prafulla Patil
  • Hydrogen Capture by the Formation of Clathrate Hydrates on to Porous Media
    Shuguang Deng, Dipendu Saha
  • Impact of Rising Costs and Global Competition on New Mexican Chile Industry
    Ram N. Acharya
  • Agenda-Setting for Healthy Border 2010: Research Directions and Implications for Border Health Leadership, Advocacy and Practice
    Anne P. Hubbell and Chuck Kozel
  • EMD Aggie Tutoring Program
    Dr. Mary Prentice, Sharon Kovacs-Finch, Denise Rodriguez-Strawn
  • Importance-Performance Analysis of Bangkok as a City Destination
    Li-Chun Lin, Siriporn McDowall
  • Molecular Evolution in the Family Gonatidae (Cephalopoda:Teuthida) Inferred From Three Mitochondrial Loci
    Moltschaniwskyj, Katugin, Michele Nishiguchi, Edward Trujillo