URC Fair 2008

Eighth Annual URC Research and Creative Activities Fair

URC Fair 2008(October 3, 2008)  This fair is an opportunity for the research and creative activity community at New Mexico State University to demonstrate the diversity of its scope, develop new linkages with colleagues across the university and show the community the innovations taking place on campus . The fair is open to individuals, laboratories, and special programs involved with research and creative activities across the campus.  The Fair exhibitions are the faculty and professional staff involved with the projects and is held in conjunction with the New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation Annual Student Research Conference and represents a good opportunity to recruit students to NMSU. 

  • Complexity in Rodent Community Responses to Grassland-Shrublands Transitions
    Andrea Campanella, Brandon Bestelmeyer, Gary Roemer, Deb Peters
  • Dairy Manure-based Microbial Fuel Cell Energy Production
    Christopher Arrigo, Amy Fierro Lopez, N. Khandan, Geof Smith
  • Hydrologic Modeling on the Rio Grande Using the Automated Geospatial Watershed Analysis (AGWA) Tool
    Ashraf El-Sadek, Max Bleiweiss, Manoj Shukla, Steve Gulden, Sam Fernald
Posters and Participants
  • Peering Inside the Sun with Helioseismology
    Jason Jackiewicz, Laurent Gizon, Aaron Birch
  • Instrument Development for In-Situ Organic Detection
    Nancy Chanover, David Glenar, David Voelz, Penelope Boston, Paul Mahaffy, William Brinckerhoff
  • The Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Phase III Programs
    G. VanDoren, K.S..J. Anderson
  • The 3.5 Meter ARC Telescope: Special Instruments for Special Projects Instrumentation at Apache Point Observatory
    K.S.J. Anderson, G. Van Doren
  • The Adsorption Properties of Bacillus Atrophaeus Spores on Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes
    P. Cortes, S. Deng, G.B. Smith
  • Evaluating the Impact of Three Introduced Parasitoids, Oomyzus Incertus, Bathyplectes spp. And Microctonus spp., on Biological Control of Alfalfa Weevil (Hypera Postica)
    Jane Breen Pierce, Patricia Yates Monk, and Carol Sutherland
  • Small Drugs for Big Diseases: the Efficacy of Novel Derivatives of Ribavirin for the Control of Flavivirus Replication
    Kathryn A. Hanley, Michael McDowell, Sarah Gonzales, Sid Kumarapperuma, Jeffrey B. Arterburn
  • Detection of Signals in the Presence of Noise
    Mohammed Y Hussain
  • Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research
    Helena Loest
  • Design and Synthesis of Pyridin-2-yl-Hydrazine-Derived Dual Functional Fluorescent-Radiometric Probes
    Sudath Hapuarachchige, Bj K. Bryant, Jeffrey B. Arterburn
  • Spiders of the Mexican Borderland of Hidalgo County, New Mexico
    David B. Richman
  • Complexity in Rodent Community Responses to Grassland-Shrublands Transitions
    Campanella, Andrea, Brandon Bestelmeyer, Gary Roemer, and Debra Peters
  • Population Genetics of Southern Rocky Mountain Cutthroat Trout
    David E. Cowley, Victoria L. Pritchard, Jessica L. Metcalf, & Andrew P. Martin
  • 16S rRNA Genotyping using PCR/RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism) Analysis to Identify Bacterial Symbionts from Loliginid Squid Light Organs
    R.C. Guerrero-Fereira, C. Gorman, E. Shipp, M.K. Nishiguchi
  • Population Genetic Structure of a Squid-Vibrio Mutalism
    Daniel J. Zamborsky
  • Identification of an Entepicondylar Foramen on the Humerus of An East African Miocene Catarrhine
    Monte McCrossin, Brenda Benefit, Lauren Gonzales
  • Mapping Seismic Wave Attenuation within the Earth
    Tom Hearn
  • A Hydro-Economic Perpective on the Value and Management of Groundwater Resources in New Mexico
    Praseniit N. Ghosh, Brian H. Hurd
  • Estimating a Pecan Water Production Function Using Remote Sensing Techniques
    Rhonda Skaggs, Zohrab Samani, A. Salim Bawazir, Max Bleiweiss
  • Dairy Manure-based Microbial Fuel Cell Energy Production
    Christopher R. Arrigo, Amy Fierro Lopez, N. khandan, Geof Smith
  • Sustaining the U.S.-Mexico Border Environment
    Erin Ward
  • Bioelectricity Production from Cattle Manure using Microbial Fuel Cell
    Yunhee Lee, N. Khandan
  • Biohydrogen Production from Cattle Manure
    K Rasika Perera
  • Effect of Wastewater on the Transport and Retention of As (V) on Desert Soils
    Sylvia Nemmers, April Ulery, Manoj Shukla
  • NMDA Aquifier Sensitivity: Drastic Model
    Mark Smith, Bobby Creel
  • Potential Impacts of Changes in Rainfall Intensity on Flood Control Infrastructure in the Lower Rio Grande of New Mexico
    Susanna Glaze, Bobby Creel
  • Rio Grande Basin Initiative.New Mexico Interactive Statewide and County Maps Online
    Kristen Ronning, Bobby Creel, Leeann DeMouche, Susanna Glaze
  • Progress Report on Development of An Annotated Bibliography for Transboundary Aquifier Systems of the Mesilla Basin-Paso Del Norte Area, New Mexico, Texas, USA, and Chihuahua (Mexico)
    John Hawley, Alfredo Granados-Olicas, Bobby Creel
  • Hydrologic Modeling on the Rio Grande Using the Automated Geospatial Watershed Analysis (AGWA) Tool
    Ashraf N El-Sadek, Max P. Bleiweiss, Manoj Shukla, Steve Gulden, Sam Fernald
  • Producing Biodiesel: Environmental Factors Determining Lipid Content in Nanochloropsis and Limiting Undesired Organisms
    Wiebke J. Boeing, Marijn de Jong, Peter J. Lammers, Virginia G. Lee, J. Isaac Rhodes, Wayne van Voorhies, Janet K. Winkler
  • Uranium Absorption by Natural Clinoptilolite Zeolite
    Lucy Mar Caracho, Shuguang Deng
  • Harvesting Health: Alamo Navajo Gardeners Know Their Roots
    Forster-Cox, S., Huttlinger, K, Lombard, K & Rafelito, A
  • On An Arbitrarily Oriented Crack in A Transversely-Isotropic Medium
    Felicia Guerrero
  • Prediction of Levy Flight Behavior in Stochastic Biological Models
    Suzanne Galayda
  • Initial Implementation of a Comparative Data Analysis Ontology
    Grancisco Prosdocimi, Brandon Chisham, Enrico Pontelli, Julie D. Thompson, Arlin Stoltzfus
  • Optimization Algorithms to Solve Distribution Problems with Set-up Costs: Chile Industry and Armed Services
    Elizabeth W. Schot, Delia J. Valles-Rosales, Eduardo Quionez, Hansuk Sohn, Mariani, Libbin, Beccar Varela, Eric A. Butcher, Christopher Erickson
  • Monitoring of Buried Pipes using GPR
    M. Dawood, A. P. Venugopal
  • Image Enhancement Using Golay Sequences in Coded Radar Systems
    M. Dawood, H. Mohammed
  • Rotman Lens offers Inexpensive Electronically Scanned Antenna
    M. Dawood, S. Mohammed
  • Phase-Modulated Antennas for Bandwidth Efficiency and Cost Reduction
    B. Uhl, M. Dawood, N. Cheedu
  • Evaluating Those Who Initiate Condom Use
    Michael Young, Tina Penhollow, William Bailey
  • Ecological and Sociocultural Aspects of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza/A (HPAI/A) H5N1 in Egypt
    Susan L. Wilson, PhD and Mohammed Y. Hussain
  • Online Detection of Contamination on Air Filter Samples using Statistical Methods
    Yair Grof
  • Enumeration of 12- and 14-Bar Planar Closed Kinematic Chains Using Hierarchical Graphs Without Isomorphism Testing
    Eric Butcher
  • Protein Studies with Circular Dichronism
    Praveen Patidar, Megha Khandelwal, Dr. Shelley Lusetti
  • Habitat Suitability Models throughout Niche Ecological Modeling for A Suite of Mesocarnivores across the US-Mexico Border
    Aaron Bueno-Cabrera & Gary Roemer
  • MOF-177: Promising Candidate of H2 Storage for Fuel Cell Driven Automobiles
    Dipendu Saha, Shuguang Deng
  • Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil Using Supercritical Methanol method
    Shuguang Deng, Prafulla Patil
  • Storytelling Organizations and Ethics
    David Boje
  • Me? A Film-maker? A No Nonsense Approach for Non-techie Librarians
    Alisa Gonzalez
  • Regina Davis – A Ritz Vector Applied to Model Reduction for Nonlinear Systems
    Regina Davis, T. D Burton