Graduate Research Enhancement Grants

Graduate Research Enhancement Grants

New awards are contingent on the availability of funding.  No funding is available at this time; general announcements to the faculty will be made in the event funding becomes available.

Purpose To attract and retain outstanding graduate students at NMSU.  To enhance the research potential and capacity of the university.   
Eligibility Continuing students are eligible to apply, but preference will be given to incoming doctoral students, doctoral students beginning their research, and incoming master’s students with a thesis option. 

Award Details

Awards will be made to advisors for the selected graduate students and cannot be transferred.   Research assistantships will be paid for the year, including summer semesters, based on the appropriate annual salary levels for research assistants.

The GREG award must be matched by the student’s advisor, department and/or college.  Although the OVPR will fund 100% of the first year, the advisor, department and/or college must provide a written commitment to fund the remainder of the award.  Matching support through a teaching assistantship is not allowed as the award is to support research activities and training.   

For doctoral students, the OVPR will provide 100% for year 1, 66% for year 2,  and 33% for year 3.  The advisor, department and/or college must fund years 4 and 5.  For master’s student, the OVPR will provide 100% for year 1; the advisor, department, and/or college must fund years 2 and 3. 


Applications will be evaluated on: 

  • The student’s resume with GPA for prior degrees and current programs. 
  • The student’s transcripts. 
  • The description of the research project, or potential/proposed area of research. 
Grantee Responsibilities Recipients of funding must submit written technical reports to the OVPR at the end of each year of support.  Advisors must inform the OVPR immediately if the student withdraws from the university or if there is a change of status (e.g. from doctoral to master’s).