Rising Star Awards

Rising Star Awards

Research Grants for Innovation in Social and Human Sciences

New awards are contingent on the availability of funding.  No funding is available at this time; general announcements to the faculty will be made in the event funding becomes available.

Purpose To encourage research that significantly adds to knowledge and understanding of social science, educational, or humanistic endeavors. Junior faculty members are strongly encouraged to apply.
Eligibility All faculty and research staff are eligible to apply. 
Award Details Proposed budgets may be up to $5,000.  Funding will be provided for one year, and is to be considered as a springboard to future studies and external funding.  Interdisciplinary collaboration is encouraged.  Budgets may include small equipment, software, services, and other direct costs in support of research in social science, education, or humanities. 


Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria: 

  • Intellectual merit of proposed research (e.g. formulation of a primary research question building from new or existing theory and research.) 
  • Fit between research goals and proposed approaches or methods. 
  • Potential for results to be disseminated through peer-reviewed journals or conferences. 
  • Potential for future funding and sustainability of research agenda. 
  • Qualifications of the investigators. 
Grantee Responsibilities Recipients of funding must submit technical and financial reports to the OVPR each six months.  The final report should include an abstract of the completed work suitable for inclusion in a brochure.  Recipients are also expected to make a presentation near the end of the grant period.