Region 4: Minority Biospecimen/Biobanking -Geographic Management Program (BMaP) Plan

ARRA Awards to NMSU: Mary O’Connell

Agency: NIH
PI: Mary O’Connell
Title: Region 4: Minority Biospecimen/Biobanking -Geographic Management Program (BMaP) Plan
Period:9/30/2009 – 9/29/2011

The BMaP supplemental request for Region 4, is submitted on behalf of the region by the NCI MI/CCP U54 award to NMSU (5U54CA132383) funded through August 2012. This supplemental request will fund efforts by NCI supported researchers in this region to create a virtual center, using teleconferencing and other internetbased protocols, with the express purpose of planning an Implementation Plan for a Minority Biospecimen/Biobanking .Geographic Management Program (BMaP). The final BMaP hub would then provide high-quality human biospecimens from populations in the US southwest and south central regions to researchers based on criteria established among all the participating BMaP hubs in the country; the expectation of Region 4 is to provide nationwide access to NIH funded researchers. Further, the BMaP hub would serve as a training resource for community members, scientists, students and staff on a variety of topics: patient privacy; intellectual property; and the view of human specimen collection for research by the different communities or populations in the region.

The specific objectives of this planning process are defined by three phases, during: phase 1 identify all of the interested and relevant partners in the region, and recruit to work on committees; phase 2 project personnel would assess the resources of these partners, and identify challenges to a national shared access high-quality biospecimen repository with representation of region 4 populations; and phase 3 interested members of the BMaP hub would craft an implementation plan to submit for further funding to create the needed elements for the regional biospecimen resources.