Medical and Health Sciences Researchers

Medical and Health Sciences

NMSU scientists contribute new knowledge in the biomedical disciplines through creative research and scholarship.  In 2011, NMSU had more than $20 million in current funding from 35 sponsors in support of medical and health sciences research.  Several faculty research programs also support NMSU medical and health researchers, including three programs funded by the National Institutes of Health, the New Mexico IDEA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence Program, the Partnership for the Advancement of Cancer Research (a partnership with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center), and the Support of Competitive Research Program (SCORE).

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  • Jeffrey Arterburn (Chemistry and Biochemistry – synthesis of antiviral drugs and radiopharmaceuticals)
  • Immo Hansen (Biology, reproductive biology of mosquitoes)
  • Kathryn Hanley (Biology – molecular biology, evolution and ecology of RNA virus)
  • Maria G. Castillo (Biology – immunological aspect of symbiotic relationships)
  • Jiannong Xu (Biology – metagenomics of mosquito gut ecosystem)
  • Michele Nishiguchi (Biology – Evolution and marine symbiosis)
  • Brook Milligan (Biology – interference between population genetics, ecology, evolutionary biology)
  • William J. Boecklen (Biology – ecological and evolutionary insect-plant interactions)
  • Elba Serrano (Biology – nervous system, sensory organ systems, hearing and balance)
  • Graciela Unguez (Biology – developmental biology, neuroscience, motor systems)
  • James Robinson (Public Health Sciences – Health Behavior and Substance Abuse)
  • Rebecca Palacios (Public Health Sciences – Health Psychology, Fast Food Marketing, Community Health, Obesity, Aging, HIV/AIDS populations, Risk Behavior, etc.)
  • Cindy Kratzke (Public Health Sciences – Health Administration, Culture and Health)
  • Satya Rao (Public Health Sciences – Violence, Substance Abuse, Minority Mental Health)
  • Charles Kozel (Public Health Sciences – Health Advocacy and Policy, Aging)
  • Anup Amatya (Public Health Sciences – Biostatistics and Pharmacoepidemiology)
  • Sue Forster-Cox (Public Health Sciences – Community Gardening)
  • Susan Wilson (Public Health Sciences – Social Determinants of Health, Health Administration and Policy, Rural Health, Health Disparities, Preparedness & Response, and International Health)
  • Joseph Gladstone (Public Health Sciences – Health Facility Administration)
  • Rebeccaa Palacios (Public Health Sciences – Health Psychology, fastfood marketing, obesity)
  • Collin Payne (Marketing – Public Health Marketing)
  • Mary Alice Scott (Anthropology – Medical Anthropology, Public Health)
  • Miriam Chaiken (Anthropology – Rural Health)
  • Christopher P. Brown (Geography – Applications of GIS to Public Health Issues)
  • Anne Hubbell (Communications – Health Communication)
  • Kathleen W. Huttlinger (Nursing – Culture and Health Care, Diabetes in the Native American Population)
  • Geri L. Schmotzer (Nursing – Public Health and Promotion, Health Disparities, Border Health, Women’s Health in Cancer Prevention and Control, Access to Care)
  • Kevin Lombard (Plant and Environmental Sciences – Horticulture and Public Health to Address Diabetes)
  • April Ulery (Plant and Environmental Sciences – Metal Exposure Assessment)
  • Hugo Vilchis (Public Health Sciences – Border Epidemiology and Environmental Health Center)
  • Margaret Ann Bock (Family and Consumer Sciences – Obesity Prevention, Human Nutrition, and Nutrition Bioavailability)
  • Wanda Eastman (Family and Consumer Sciences – School Based Nutrition Interventions, Diabetes)
  • Ron Byford (Food Safety, Biosecurity)
  • Nancy Flores (Cooperative Extension Service – Food Safety)
  • Lisa McKee (Family and Consumer Sciences – Food Safety)
  • Jill McDonald (Public Health Sciences)
  • Frances Nedjat-Haiem (Social Work)
  • Ernesto Moralez (Public Health Sciences – The impact of chronic illness on depression treatment)
  • Natalie P. Goldberg (Plant Pathology & Extension Plant Sciences – Food Safety, Biosecurity)
  • Satya Rao (Public Health Sciences – Violence, substance use and abuse)
  • David G. LoConto (Sociology – Developmental Disabilities)
  • Jim Kroger (Psychology – Biopsychology)
  • Laura Thompson (Psychology – Developmental Psychology)
  • Pamela Schultz (Nursing – Cancer Survivorship and Violence Against Women)
  • Marilyn Pase (Nursing – Stress, Violence, Drug Abuse, and Medication Compliance)
  • Anita Reinhardt (Nursing – Leadership and Work Environments)
  • Wanda J. Borges (Nursing – Chronic Disease Self-Management)
  • Esther Devall (Extension/Family and Consumer Sciences – Parenting and Family Health Education, Child Development)
  • Marcel Montañez (Family and Consumer Sciences – Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Family, Adolescents, Aging)
  • Jessica Houston (Chemical Engineering – Flow Cytometry and Biophotonics Techniques)
  • Kevin Houston (Chemistry and Biochemistry – Molecular Function of Ovarian Hormones)
  • Barbara Lyons (Chemistry and Biochemistry – Protein Structures)
  • Aaron Rowland (Chemistry and Biochemistry – Toxicology, Drug Metabolism Enzymes)
  • Joe Song (Computer Science . Computing Applications in Biological and Medical Sciences)
  • Wayne van Voorhies (Molecular Biology – Metabolism and Genetic Stability)
  • Michael Johnson (Chemistry and Biochemistry – Biomedical Applications of Metals Chemistry)
  • Shelley L. Lusetti (Chemistry and Biochemistry – Cellular Processes Underlying Chromosomal Maintenance)
  • William A. Maio (Chemistry and Biochemistry – Chemotherapeutics and Small-Molecule Inhibitors)
  • Sergei N. Smirnov (Chemistry and Biochemistry – Intracellular Drug Delivery and Cell Transfection)

<Medical and Health Sciences