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Animal and Range Science

NMSU research aims to improve the care and management of animal and range resources and conduct research that improves human health and reproduction by improving the health and reproduction of animals.  In 2011, NMSU had more than $8 million in research funding from 16 sponsors in support of animal and range sciences research.  Faculty conduct research in animal sciences, range management, weed and insect management, water management, and livestock and wildlife management.  NMSU is home of the New Mexico Department of Agriculture and the New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service.

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Animal Science
Range Science
  • Laurie B. Abbott, Rangeland Ecology and Restoration
  • Kelly W. Allred, Plant Taxonomy and Grasses of Southwest – Cooperative Extension
  • Derek Bailey, Large herbivore grazing behavior, both modeling and empirical approaches; GPS-based animal tracking; rangeland livestock production, rangeland and riparian area management; livestock-wildlife interactions
  • Andres Cibils, Grazing Management and Ecology
  • Alexander “Sam” Fernald, Water Quality Hydrology
  • Amy Ganguli, Disturbance Ecology and Plant Community Recovery
  • Jerry L. Holechek, Range Animal Nutrition, Range Wildlife Interactions, Grazing Management on Desert Ranges, and Physiology
  • Kirk C. McDaniel, Brush Ecology and Management
Extension Animal Sciences and Natural Resources
Jornada Experimental Range
  • Debra Peters, Rangeland Ecology and Management
  • Kris Havstad, Rangeland Ecology and Management
  • Brandon Bestelmeyer, Animal Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Plant-soil Interactions
  • Jeffrey Gillan, High-resolution 3D modeling of rangeland ecosystems, Web-based platforms for scientific knowledge exchange with an emphasis in geographically explicit information
  • Haitao Huang, Computer Specialist
  • Jin Yao, Plant population and community ecology, with emphasis on patterns and processes driven by landscape/spatial factors
  • Nicholas Webb, Rangeland management, Land degradation processes and climate-management interactions, Spatiotemporal patterns and drivers of wind and water erosion, Climate change impacts and adaptation in socio-ecological systems
  • Jebediah “Jeb” Williamson, Geographic Information Systems
Agricultural Science Center at Farmington
  • Sam Allen, Weed control, insect control, revegetation of disturbed lands
  • Richard Arnold, Weed control, revegetation, erosion control, grassland establishment
  • Kevin Lombard, Horticulture and public health, wine and grape adaptability
  • Michael “Mick” O’Neill, Agroforestry, agronomy, crop physiology, crop introduction, microirrigation
  • Daniel Smeal, Crop water use, water use yield, water conservation
Extension Plant Sciences

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