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Space Science and Aerospace

New Mexico State University has a long history of research in space and aerospace, beginning with NMSU student teams film projects on the first V-2 flights at White Sands Proving Ground in 1946.  In 2011, NMSU had more than $17 million in current funding from more than 25 sponsors to support space and aerospace related research.  NMSU manages the Apache Point Observatory which is home of the Astrophysical Research Consortium 3.5-meter telescope and 0.5 meter small aperture telescope, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 2.5 meter telescope, and the NMSU 1.0 meter telescope.  NMSU also houses the Planetary Data Systems (PDS) node for planetary atmospheres data, a NASA-funded archive of planetary data used by researchers world-wide. 

<Space Science and Aerospace


Department of Astronomy
Physical Science Laboratory
College of Engineering
  • Krishna Kota, Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Ou Ma, Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Steve Stochaj, Professor, Klipsch School of Computer and Electrical Engineering
  • David Voelz, Professor, Klipsch School of Computer and Electrical Engineering

<Space Science and Aerospace