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Computer Science, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Computer Science, and Electrical and Computer Engineering

NMSU faculty and researchers in this area are involved in a broad range of research in power, optical, communication, and control systems; computer networks; software engineering; and artificial intelligence.  


Foci of Faculty Research Efforts

  • Photonics and Electromagnetics: Photonic microcavities, surface plasmon polaritons, photonic sensors, optoelectronics, phased array antennas, electromagnetic source imaging
  • Signals and Systems: Digital, FR, and optical communication; signal and image processing, pattern classification, error correcting codes, network coding and theory
  • Power and Control: Power system protection, digital relaying, energy distribution systems, power system modeling and control, renewable energy and microgrids
  • Computer Engineering: Satellite design; system engineering; microarchitecture; wireless, sensor, and optical networks; performance modeling and analysis; computer performance
  • Databases and Data Mining: Patterns, association rules, and clusters
  • Networks: Sensor networks, wireless networks, and social networks
  • Assistive technologies: Reasoning about actions and changes, planning, scheduling, autonomous agents, web agents, control theory, knowledge representation and reasoning, and logic programming

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